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Go back in time with me to the Great Depression days of the 1950’s. Stoltzfus family patriarch (father, grandfather, and great grandfather) Amos from Lancaster County PA is looking desperately for an opportunity to bring in more income to support a large family. He starts on a new venture for him, selling a few head of chicken off the family farm along with some freshly baked bread at a small stand set up between two former horse stalls. He declares the venture a success when he sells everything he brought and goes home with a few dollars of cash in his pocket.

From humble roots to various full-fledged stands at a farmers market in Boothwyn PA, the Stoltzfus family eventually decided it was time to spread out. In 1993 they leased an old lumber supply building that sat empty for years, completely gutting it and turning it into a pleasant place to shop. This is the roots of the Stoltzfus family whose New Jersey venture started here in Williamstown as Stoltzfus Farm Market. Since the name doesn’t roll off the tongue of a South Jerseyan as easily as a PA Dutchman, it eventually became known simply as Williamstown Farmers Market.

As one of the original vendors, this writer well remembers the months of hard labor preparing for that first Thursday of business! On that May morning, showcases and counters were filled with product waiting for the first customer. After all the hard work a few questions lingered. Was it worth all the effort? (It was!) Would anyone show up? (They did!) And last but certainly not least would the Williamstown community accept this addition? 26 years later the answer to the last question is a resounding yes! In return, a few of the vendors decided South Jersey was a great place to live. Properties were bought and Salem County Mennonite Church was established as well. Though not all the vendors chose to leave beautiful Lancaster County PA, today many of the employees at various stands are residents of South Jersey.

At Williamstown Farmers Market we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We will continue our commitment to quality product and friendly service and want to thank all of our many customers and friends for your patronage.

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