About Us

The history of the Stoltzfus family and their involvement in the Farmers Markets is incredible! It all started during the depression in the late 50's when our Great Grandpa Stoltzfus, who was living on a farm in Lancaster County, saw an opportunity to bring in more income to his family by offering the bounty of his farm to local consumers.

That is when the family that brought the Williamstown Farmers Market to New Jersey, got its roots first laid down, as a small roadside stand selling homemade breads and produce. The business did well and started to grow . Eventually, the need arose to undertake its first expansion so the stand moved into a larger facility more suitable to its needs.

As time went on, the business continued to grow, and so did the family behind it! With one healthy farmers market under their belts, the Stoltzfus family felt it was time to establish a new Farmers Market that would operate at a different location outside of their native locale. With lots of experience in the Farmers Market industry, they knew just what they were looking for. With much careful planning they decided that the small town of Williamstown, New Jersey would be an ideal location to expand and in the Springtime of 1993 their dreams were fulfilled!

Today the business is still growing and has made a lot of improvements so that they could offer even better customer service. The Stoltzfus Family continues to manage, participate in, and grow the Williamstown Farmers Market, and is committed to continue to enrich the legacy of this great establishment. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon, at your Williamstown Farmers Market!